About Us


Z.H.U.T is a family owned business with it's history dating back to 1901 from South Asia. We were pioneers in supplying uniforms under the name of Hakeem & Sons to the British Army and it's associates commissioned in the pre-partition India which is now divided into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.


We began our journey in United Arab Emirates in 2001, under the name of HGUT (Hakeem Garments & Uniforms Trading) supplying uniform and accessory articles from Pakistan and additionally trading "Made in U.A.E." uniforms to leading companies across GCC.


With the exponential sales growth and the rising demand of our products and services, by 2006, we opened our first manufacturing unit under the name of Hakeem Uniforms with a total workforce of 80 employees.


With evolving times and thanks to the technological advancements by 2017 we expanded our supply chain network to Pakistan, India and China through our associate offices based in mentioned locations.


With rapid expansion into the international markets under our new name of ZHUT (Zahid Hakeem Uniforms & Textiles LLC) we are now providing complete textile supply chain management solutions to a wider client base across the world. With signing of multiple strategic partnerships and collaboration agreements, we are now supplying to 4 continents through our 200+ approved vendors including world class spinners, weaver, finishers and stitching factories.

Our supply base carries leading social and ethical compliance certifications. Our team of associates include over 70+ textile professionals including marketing, merchandising and quality personnel.

The business is now being run by its fourth generation and still stands today as a beacon of complete textile supply chain management services for brands across the world.